DMN 20: 2000 – 2020

Twenty years of design management

From ‘managing design’ to ‘designing management’

Save the date! February 20 + 21, 2020, The Hague, The Netherlands!

Twenty years of DMN and design management

The context of design management is changing. When DMN was founded in 2000 the focus was mainly on ‘managing design’. Managing large corporate identies, branding programs and make sure product design, graphic design and spatial design was put into place in a consistent manner.

Today in 2020 design plays a far more strategic role for business (organizations). Design adds value when it comes to ‘unburden the fuzzy front end of innovation’. It helps to transform organizations (E.G. digitization, circular economy) and makes sure that products and services becomes far more relevant for end-users.

Organizations need to adapt to change in a structural manner and designers, design-tools and methods can help them to do so. When used in a professional way design helps to create a sustainable competitive advantage. And a design mentality makes innovation far more successful through the combination of feasibility, viability and desirability (the so-called ‘Sweet Spot’ as coined by IDEO).

Thursday February 20 & Friday February 21, 2020, The Hague, The Netherlands

In 1,5 days, we will celebrate 20 years of DMN. We will have the opportunity to look back, share interesting memories and insights and pay attention to what we’ve experienced and learned in two decades. But of course, we also take the opportunity to look forward, reflect on the (near) future of our ‘discipline’ and try to define and visualize ways to ‘re-invent’ or ‘re-engineer’ our domain of design, management, creative thinking and creative doing.
We will use different locations in The Hague, different settings and different forms. Co-create, meet, share and learn. Be serious and have fun. Be active and relax. Meet new people and maintain the existing network.

We aim for 100 to 125 attendees, from the Netherlands and abroad. With an interesting mixture of our three target audiences: business (organizations), creative industry (agencies, consultants) and research & education (universities, colleges). And with inspiring people from ‘related’ disciplines such as film, architecture, theatre and science. In this way actual subjects such as storytelling, orchestrating/direction and change management will be covered as well.

The 1,5 days will be a ‘complete package and experience’ including a stay.
The complete program will be in English.

Please note: This website will be updated regularly in the coming months!

About DMN

The Design Management Network (DMN) connects professionals in the field of design management. DMN was founded in the Netherlands in 2000 and aims to connect the worlds of business, management and creativity in a constructive manner.

DMN consists of members from three important target audiences: business (organizations), creative industry (agencies, consultants) and research & education (universities, colleges).
We have a clear focus on the strategic role of design for organizations. Design can make a difference. Therefore, it is important to know what is needed to use design and design tools as effective as possible. DMN build and share knowledge on topics such as innovation, digital transformation and branding. We welcome ambitious professionals in the field of strategy and design.

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