DMN: connect the worlds of business, management and creativity

The Design Management Network (DMN) connects professionals in the field of design management. DMN was founded in the Netherlands in 2000 and aims to connect the worlds of business, management and creativity in a constructive manner. DMN consists of members from three important target audiences: supply (organizations like Heineken, Forbo and Philips), demand (design offices and consultants like EdenSpiekermann, VBAT and NPK) and research and education (TU Delft, the Art Academy in Utrecht and Design Academy Eindhoven).

A clear focus
We have a clear focus on the strategic role of design for organizations. Design can make a difference. Therefore, it is important to know what is needed to use design and design tools as effective as possible. DMN build and share knowledge on topics such as innovation, digital transformation and branding. We welcome ambitious professionals in the field of strategy and design.

What does DMN offer?
DMN commits itself to implement design in a professional and structural way. This approach leads to relevant products, a vital brand, better services and successful innovations. The use of ‘creativity’ allows the organization to respond in a better and faster manner to changes in the market. It makes the organization more flexible and supplies a stronger connection to the actual needs of the end user. This way, design is not only effective, but also offers verifiable results and helps to build and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

What does DMN do?
DMN connects professionals and makes sure these encounters lead to the sharing and multiplying of knowledge. DMN focuses on network meetings (approximately 6 each year), which take place on changing locations and shed light on current, provocative themes through business cases, debates, workshops, a company visit or a lecture.

DMN participates in relevant third party events (What Design Can Do, the Dutch Design Week), collaborates with likeminded parties (PDMA, BNO, CLICKNL, Top-team Dutch Creative Industries, Dutch Digital Agencies, DMI) and supports prizes that award in particular the added value of organizational design (for example, the category ‘best client’ of the Dutch Design Awards, and the European Design Management Awards, DME).

Becoming a member
Individual members pay € 302,50 per year (including VAT), which allows them free access to all network meetings. Student members (under the age of 30) pay € 114,95 per year (including VAT). Company members pay € 907,50 per year (including VAT), which allows them to enter all network meetings with a maximum of five guests.

The board
The board of DMN consists of Mirjam Van Coillie (chairman, marketing director at Gazelle), Louise de Blécourt (treasurer, design manager at BlécourtDesignManagement), Pieter Aarts (secretary, UX strategy consultant at Osudio), Christine De Lille (board member, assistant professor at the TU Delft, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, lector Innovation at The Hague University of Applied Arts) and Maïte Oonk (Research coördinator and researcher bij KLM, PhD researcher bij TU Delft IDE).